Everyone just wants to go home to have dinner with their family. Everyone.   As I travel the world as see so many beautiful people, I have come to this simple realization.     One of my favorite things is to sit in a diner, pub, airport, or mall and just sit back and people… Continue reading Dinner


I just attended my 20th career graduation. Twenty years of ‘cap tossing’ and school bands playing ‘Pomp and Circumstance’. You would think after 20 of these long programs I would be a bit over it, however, I am not. Instead, I am motivated. I fact I still cry at each of them. I am writing… Continue reading Graduation

4.7 seconds

You know that crippling fear you get in your dream state when you think you have an intruder in the house, but you can’t seem to wake or move. You are just paralyzed by fear and sleep. This was the fear I experienced last night. But instead of a dream it was a reality. My… Continue reading 4.7 seconds