It happened in security 

It happened in security. 
I have been wondering when it would really happen. When would I completely give in to the piles is emotion. It happened in security. I was giving my passport to the wonderful TSA lady. Without knowing a thing about me, she told me “have a wonderful journey”. I lost it. I cried huge crocodile tears as I stood in the funny twisty security machine and waved goodbye to my daddy. I cried on the silly train and I am crying again now as I sit at the gate. Funny how it all hits at once. I have cried when I said goodbye to those I am closest too; tears and kisses of joy and sadness.  
My students didn’t know this, but the last day of school I showed them the movie “Gattaca”, because of the last scene. The best part of the movie is the last scene where the main character is flying away, and says (paraphrase)”.. for someone who has been wanting to leave, I finally found a reason to stay…”. I think everyone should take a journey if only to appreciate the friends, family, and true loves you already have. 
Goodbye friends and family. Know I will be missing you and you will be in my heart each step of my journey. See you on the flip side. 
I love you 


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