So a Christian walked into a coffee shop….

I saw this meme a few months ago (please excuse the language) and absolutely loved it.  I didn’t realize how much I wanted to live that until I experienced the fireworks in Sydney. I was surrounded by so many different cultures and religions and together….. We had a blast!!!!!  The teens from Vietnam brought me a Coke during the hot part of the day. A wonderful woman from India kept me company for awhile and we discussed her recent marriage and year away from her husband as she awaited her VISA. She made the most delicious sandwiches. I had the privilege of spending dinner and time with a huge Iranian family who fed me food I had never seen, but loved!!! A Japanese woman held my seat while I found the restroom.  And I sang in the new year with a shot of whiskey and a crowd of Irish college students.  We all celebrated the new year together with laughter and joy. My global journey has started out in the most unlikely of ways…together with others around the world….in a coffee shop. 


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