About round-a-bouts….

Keep to the left and keep your bum on the line.
I have never seen so many round-a-bouts in my life as I have in New Zealand!! Thing is, I actually like them. I have trouble turning right and they help me. Thank you New Zealand for teaching me to drive!!
As I was passing around and around yet another round about, I was thinking how much life is like these silly circles. We live our lives round and round and once in awhile get off to take our life journeys. Some journey’s are clearly wrong so we flip a U’y and try again. Other exits take us to paths of adventure and wonder that we could have never known existed. The point is, we don’t stay in the round-a-bout…. We get off and experience something… Anything!! Because any step you take out your front door leads to all roads and all the life you are meant to live. 
So I give you a challenge this week. Think about you life. Are you still circling around or are you brave enough to choose an exit and start living the life you dream of? 
Get off the circle and go!!
(Side note for this week)
This week has been rough for those of us who lost a daughter, friend, and student. I was beyond honored to have taught and spent time with a beautiful student by the name of Dani. Her contagious smile always brightened my day. I will miss her. I only wish she could continue to live this great life adventure. I hope all her friends will live full lives in her memory. I pray that those who loved her most will take the memories of her and choose to live, love, and thrive!! Love you Dani, miss your hugs. 

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