Bottom blessing 

The bottom blessing 
Cool breeze coming down the river and my fly line dancing across the ripples of the picturesque New Zealand landscape. Well, it was that nice for all of five minutes of fishing. That’s actually when my troubles began. It started with me falling in the river. My feet and legs were cold so I was standing on a large rock in the middle of the swift river. I got a wee bit over zealous about my casting and that’s what made me tumble. Like the true nerd I am all I could think was “Save the rod… Save the phone”. So instead of bracing myself I fell. Not to worry, the giant rock I was standing on broke my fall as I straddled it. Nothing like crushing your lady bits on a rock. All was ok. I managed to let my bum catch me as I held the rod and pack (containing my silly phone) above the water. Uuupphhhfffff. But wouldn’t you know it the rock was still slippery and I fell back deeper into the water. There I was feet, arms, rod, and pack….straight up in the air. The rest of me being baptized by the snow melt of the mountains. Sucking in my breath, in and out, in and out, I recovered and made my way to shore. That’s when I looked up and saw a group of professional looking fly fishermen. They didn’t say a word, just made their way upstream. I was SO being judged. Not many women fly fisherman. No worries, I collected myself. Thanked the Lord for the bum he blessed me with and recast the line.  


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