Ode to Celsius 

It is HOT!!!
So the brochure was correct, Australia is indeed hot, very hot!! I vowed to come here and not complain about a thing, so this will be the only time I will mention the inferno. I will not complain, but merely mention the facts as a service to my students, that the climate is indeed different on this continent. I’m still here on the cold tiles of the bathroom, ice pack as my pillow, and decided this weeks blog should be special. 

I have decided to do my report in poem form. 
Aaahhh hhheeemmm (clears throat)
Ode to Celsius
What is the temperature? Is it 40 or 100?

My body only knows to drip sweat and move at the pace of a koala. 

What is the hottest your home gets? A question I am often asked. 

This feels like the rare summer day of July. 

Vegas. Death Valley. Mere warm spots to SA. 

Diet of popsicles and cold soda is my new trend. 

My “Wilson” is a tall, white, fan that I take with me room by room. 

I write this at 6pm as the temperature is still rising. 

Outside? Are you kidding! No way it burns!

Remember the hole in the ozone? It exists!! I can actually feel the pain on my skin. 

Rules of hats, sunscreen, and shades are my new reality. Protect my students!

Recycle, reuse, plant a tree, don’t burn that styrofoam!! A lesson to learn from under the sun.

Hot. Yes it’s hot, like I’ve never known before. 

But what do I know, I’m a miss placed Colorado girl in the land down under, 40 is the new 100, and I might be cooking, but I have a smile on my face!!

Miss you all!!

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