Toilet buttons, pumping gas, pink parrots, and honor coffee shops…my first month in the land down under


I am delighted with the small things I am discovering on this miraculous journey. Some things leave me with more questions and others just make me giggle with joy. Here are just a few things that I marvel over: 1. Toilets have multiple buttons. What!!??

2. You pump gas….then pay for it. (Mind blown) 

3. Wanna coffee? Have it delivered and go pay the coffee shop later. 

4. School notebooks don’t have that horrible metal spiral binders. 

5. Flocks of pink parrots, white parrots, and multi colored parrots flock the sky. Not everything in Australia wants to kill you. 

6. EVERYTHING closes at 5pm. Except the pub… That’s another blog entirely. 

7. Recess is a thing….and it is incredible!

8. School uniforms are such a great idea….I love the dresses!!

9. A vegetarian would be miserable here. The lamb is so delicious. 

10. The Australian people are incredibly friendly and welcoming!!
It is so very difficult to summarize 30+ days of world travel. From New Zealand to Australia I have already fulfilled a life long dream. I am blessed to be able to continue and do more amazing things like…. Feeding kangaroos, squashing and flushing my first bad spider, waking to a rooster crow, attending my first Aussie BBQ, eating my first meat pie, going to the pub for the first time, stargazing in the darkest of nights at a billion stars, or watching a brilliant orange sunrise behind the shadows of giant gum trees. God has truly blessed me with this gift. I am not only getting to see a new land but I am getting to know the very people who have welcomed me with open arms. 
Thank you to those I love and miss back home for helping me get here. I love you. 

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