Makin my Momma Proud

  I wanted to do my country proud. After a Super Bowl win by my Denver Broncos, I wanted to show off just what an American Football/ 4th of July type of party could be. Thank you to all who sent in suggestions for the big day on February 11th. 

So it begins….
I had been shopping and planning for awhile but really didn’t start to cook until Wednesday after staff meeting around 5pm. I knew my night would be long and crazy so I got on my shorts and American flag T-shirt, turned on some Patsy Cline, and started cookin. You need to understand that all the cool “Pintrest hacks” to make the treats below were thrown out. I had to make everything….even the buffalo sauce from scratch. Many times I had to replace ingredients that are not found here. My kitchen was full with ingredients (most I ran out of a bit too early) and the smell of my childhood. My momma taught me to throw a party and I was gonna do her proud!

Had to cut chicken wings myself. I’ve never done that. Have you? Turns out you can bruise your hand after choppin 100 chicken wings. Totally had to ‘You Tube’ the “holy hand grenades” out of every recipe. I was a true blue American that night makin everything from Apple Pie and Baby Back ribs. As the hours flew by I was dancing around my kitchen to old school county and singing aloud every love song. Good ole Johnny Cash kept me company even when I spilled four liters of tea (took that opportunity to mop the floors and clean the house). Part way through my can opener broke…no seriously it crumbled in my hand; made the rest of my cans quite the adventure. My conversation skills were put to the test as I read cups, grams, ounces, Fahrenheit, Celsius, liters, and all the while trying to remember I was no longer….a mile high! Giggle. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had. I never felt so American as I felt that day. Each dish I made was a treat I wanted to share with my new community; sharing just a bite of my home sweet home….Colorado. 

My famous Coke BBQ ribs

Ribs wrapped in bacon kabob style

Hot Wings (three different sauces)

Nachos with the “Watts” quaso 

Chips of all types

Six types of dips (including a treasured Ranch packet I packed from home)

Corn dog weenies

Peanut butter pie 2

Pecan pie 2

Pumpkin pie 2

Pudding pie 3

Apple pie 1 Giant pie 

“Crack” saltine cracker toffee

And of course….sweet tea

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