Thoughts on Education 

I was posed this question, “who has the better educational system?” My answer was simple. 
I don’t teach educational systems…I teach kiddos. 
My week started with a terrific training in Adelaide for the Department of Education in South Australia as well as the Exchange League. My mentor buddies are incredible and my Canadian exchange buddies are a hoot! The week was full of teachable moments as I began to really start teaching content to my students.  
I have begun to dig into the curriculum and understanding of education in Australia and more specifically in the state of South Australia. I wanted to write this blog post early in my experience so I can reflect back on my thoughts at the end of this experience. I had the “holy poo” pedagogical moment this past week and have spent today really digging into my brain for what to post here. I hope teachers, students, parents, and whoever may read this understands that my purpose in this exchange is to become a better teacher to all my students, no matter past, present, future. 
Here are my thoughts:
Thought 1

Teenagers are teenagers no matter where you are in the world; and I truly believe that teenagers are the most incredible people on the planet. 
Thought 2

Science is universal and ever progressing. Nature itself guides our understanding each day with the rising of the sun to the crow of a bird. To teach science is to teach the very foundation of…all. 
Thought 3

The purpose of education is to grow our children into strong, independent learners who are shown how to get opportunities for their future. Teachers are the tour guides on this adventure. 
Thought 4 

Every student deserves to be shown multiple opportunities and pathways of their talents and abilities, and not to be forced into a ‘candy mold’. 
Thought 5

You must love kids to be in education!
Thought 6

It doesn’t matter the teacher, school, district, state, or nation as long as each student is loved and given the best possible education that can be given. 
Thought 7

I love teaching. It does not matter the country, curriculum, pace, method, testing, funding, or pay. My most precious moments in life are in the eyes of my students each day. I’m there to open the world to them…the other stuff is just details. 
What thoughts would you add?

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