I Stand

I stand
A remarkable set of words “I stand”. They are strong and steady. They covey truth, honesty, and foundations. Set them next to the words “I’m running” and you immediately see a powerful difference. 
I have been reading the statements by the students nominated for Student Representative Council. Many start their intention like this…. “I’m standing for SRC because I want make a difference in my high school.” Wow. It really caught me the power of these two words in context of student leadership. Do we want our school leaders to be “running” for something or “standing” for it? I hear the students say these words and I immediately want to sit up and take notice, for they must have a belief that is worth standing for. We here people say oh “I believe this” or “my opinion is that” and even “I agree”; but do any of those statements really have the power of “I stand firm in the belief that…”? “I’m running” is confusing. Are they running toward or away from something? Runners change direction at any moment or at any obstacle. Those who stand are fixed and poised for battle and challenges. I want my all leadership students, from South Australia to Colorado to take a “stand” for something meaningful.
As I watch the highlights of the US presidential election from 9000 miles away, I now find myself cringing at those who are merely “running” for president. The are “running” on campaigns of this or that, but rarely, if ever, “standing” for anything. I will be voting this year from a land far from home, and I promise I will vote for who can actually “stand” for America and not just “run”. Stand up US presidential candidates, we will stand with you. 
Are you standing for anything? Are you willing to stand up, stand firm, and actually….stand? If yes, what are you waiting for! Feel free to respond with what you “stand for”, I would love to read them!!

2 thoughts on “I Stand

  1. This is a very cool concept. I never saw leadership even at a student level, high school or college, as standing up for something. But it totally makes sense. A leader needs to be firm and headstrong as well as understanding and wise. How could a leader be all those things AND exert themselves with something as exhausting as running. If one stands. Then they are able to make decision and direct others from a place of stability. Everyone craves to be stable. And if we ourselves can’t find stability we look to others for guidance to stability. If you as a leader can’t stand for what you belive in, then how can you be as stable and headstrong about it. I stand. I stand for the idea of equality. True equality. Today people see differences within other (i.e. race, gender, class, sexual orientataion) and instead of looking passed these incredibly irrelevant things, they get emphasized by society and brought to attention. Equality is imperative but to point out the differences in everyone so that you can tell us that we need to be equals is wrong and honestly hurting the cause more than it is helping it. I am Asian. That is what I am it does not however define WHO I am. Just like being a woman should not define a person or even homo sexuality. I stand for the hope that one day, people we see people for what we all are. JUST PEOPLE. It really doesn’t matter what color you are or which type of naughty bits you were given at birth. We are people. You are a person. I am a person. We might be different people but we are all human none the less. Thanks for reading and I love you blog!

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