1.97 meters

1.97 meters
Tonight I decided to focus my lesson/ blog on the wonderful world of metrics. This weekend I had yet another eventful adventure touring this incredible county. I also learned this importance of precision in measurements. In case you didn’t know 2.0 meters is not equal to 1.97 meters; and it is also true close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenadines.
Right after I purchased my “ute”, I realized I should probably measure the height due to the added roof rack and storage box. It measured at exactly 2.0 meters. I figured, as an intelligent science teacher, I’m pretty good at measures and trusted this figure. I have now been reminded that you should always take multiple measures to check for accuracy, but more about that later. 
Adelaide is the city of festivals, and currently “The Fridge” is showing all over the city for over a month. I highly encourage you to Google this incredible event. So, like everyone in the area, I didn’t want to miss out. I decided to hit the nightlife of Adelaide Fringe on Saturday. ‘Why use public transportation, when I have a perfectly great ute’, I told myself. So I drive into a city, during a huge festival, with thousands of people, on the opposite side of the road as I’m comfortable, and hoped to find parking, dinner, and tickets. Giggle. Crazy tourist. 
I was beyond jumpy trying to maneuver my way through crowds of people, traffic, one way streets, street vendors, roundabouts, and even clowns on stilts. It was NUTS! Siri had rebelled and unfriended me once we hit the city construction zones, so I was all alone. That’s when….IT, happened. By some miracle, I spotted a parking garage that was glowing “Vacancy”, so I found my way down an alleyway to the entrance. I had to pause for a tour bus to empty the eager costumed party goers before I could enter; I didn’t mind, but the BMW behind me was a wee upset. People and cars were everywhere!! I wasn’t completely focused as I pulled forward to the garage and didn’t really comprehend the large sign above me the clearly said….”1.97m”. 
Now as I told you earlier in today’s lesson, my ute is 2.0 meters, which is a lil bit bigger that 1.97 meters. Pulling forward, I remember thinking, ‘I wonder what that scraping noise is?’ Yes, this means I was now wedged into a parking garage in the center of cars, tourists, and circus acts. Luckily, in my panic, I stepped on the gas petal and actually wedged myself in further. I looked like a koala wedged in a tree. 
Laugh. All I could do was laugh. I’ve heard of the saying “in a pickle”, well I certainly found myself … “In a pickle AND stuck between a rock and a hard place”. Did I mention the BMW started to honk and holler?
So, like anyone in need, I immediately roll down my windows, start yelling apologizes, laughing, smiling, and throw the ute in reverse. I hear myself yelling “Sorry!! Crazy American Tourist!! Sorry!!”. Then, a miracle happened. The relaxed and easy going nature of the Australians kicked in. I was surrounded by a crowd of people who started laughing, cleared a space behind me, a few got in front to push, and one woman yelled GO! Boom, I was unstuck!! There was laughter, whistling, and even a few well deserved Aussie slang words; even the BMW laughed as he drove around. It was one of the funniest moments of my life. It was overwhelming the pickle I was in and out of. 
Quickly I found my way out of the area and just kept driving until I found a campsite in the beautiful Adelaide hills. I never made it to a show, I was the show!! That night I camped under a gum tree where I could see a koala having an evening snack. I figured I was more fit for the forest than the Fringe. Going to try again next weekend. Public transportation this time. Who wants to join me?!

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