It matters

It matters
It matters. The little things you do or the great big giant things. It matters to someone. 
Today I received a care package from a dear friend. The timing was perfect and much needed, as I began my dreaded ‘week six’ of my exchange; the dreaded homesick week. I knew the package was coming and anxiously looked everyday. I checked my empty mailbox for anything. I check my mail EVERYDAY even for a junk mail post card, just hoping to see my name on anything. I do this every…. single…. day. So to get a package was a treat that brought me to tears. Even as I write this blog, I tear up with such profound gratitude. It got me thinking about who else might eagerly be awaiting that prized precious mail. 
This blog is not a request for letters for me from home. Instead I ask that you take on this challenge blog. I challenge you to think of ONE person YOU can send a REAL letter to. When was the last time you sent a letter to grandma for no reason? What about grandpa? Who do you know stationed in military far away that can use a letter full of pictures from home? Have you ever written that nephew you miss so much? Have you ever written a love letter with passion in each word? Do you have a real “pen pal”? Who do you need to apologize in a caring letter to? Who do you need to say “I love you” to? Have you ever even written an actual letter? 
Before I left, my students and friends wrote me actual letters on real paper. I treasure these. I posted them on a bulletin board in my school office. Colleagues see them and comment about how wonderful each is. I see the letters above my desk when I need encouragement. I need encouragement daily. 
Words on paper have far more power than any text, email, Facebook, or blog. Holding actual paper that another wrote on has meaning. Holding a love letter crushed against your heart shows passion. Sending a soldier your thanks shows your support. Laughter or tears may flow as you write or they read…you must not miss your chance to write what you have “been meaning” to say. 
Don’t fear not knowing what to say, for your reader will already be an empty glass ready to receive any refreshing words you pour out. 
Today….send someone a letter, I dare you. 

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