Operation Super Suit

Operation Super Suit
Have you ever put on a wetsuit? Well if not you should know the whole process is quite attractive. Sexy really. Shoving ones body into a hard super suit of shiny black neoprene is one of the most hilarious and challenging procedures you could do. The only thing more difficult is to do so …. wet. 
This was my Saturday. A day of diving adventure in Ewens Ponds near mount Gambier with a new friend and dive buddy. Dive one was spectacular and dive two promised to be even better. The problem was, my thick 5mm dive suit was already wet from dive one, AND it was raining so everything was a wet sticky humid mess. Perfect conditions for what I now affectionately call “Operation Super Suit”. 
Ever diver knows the slick trick of putting a plastic bag over hands and feet to get the wetsuit to easily slide on. So after five minutes of struggling to get my toes into the wet suit I got a baggie to begin the monumental process of getting on a wet wetsuit. After another five minutes and a two ripped up plastic bags, I was only in up to my ankles. 
I was now stuck hopping around like a trapped bunny, baggie shreds around my toes. I had no balance and was struggling to to stay upright. I looked like a wombat trying not to get swallowed by a giant anaconda. I fell over a couple of times, and was lucky the soft limestone gravel broke my falls. I tried walking around but only looked like a constipated penguin. 
Good news! The humidity and algae filled ponds brought many black flies to the party. Each taking turns swarming my nostrils and ears. I needed an added challenge to this endeavor…. That’s when my hair tie broke. Giggle. 
The good Lord has blessed me with curves which makes fitting into straight cut unmoving plastic a bit of a challenge. I pulled and tugged at every inch of the neoprene. Grunting and catching my breath with each inch gained onto the suit. Roll and pull. Grab and pull. Jump and pull. Streatcchhhhhh. After ten minutes of sweating and yanking on this torturous suit I was finally dressed, but only up to my knees. My dive buddy had already fully dressed in his wetsuit and was watching me struggle with each inch of progress, as I shoved my curves into the tight superhero suit. By the time I was up to my thighs I started jumping up and down hoping to pack myself further in, as you do with a pillow in a pillowcase. There was squeak of wet plastic as my fingers pulled and pinched, and tugged. I even grabbed the sides of the suit and did the flick cram thing, as you do with a bag of trash, trying to get gravity to help the process. 
My buddy now crying in hysterics while watching me struggle. I think he might pass out from laughing so hard. Giggle tears rolling down his face. “Help ya, but it’ll cost ya a beer each time I help”, he laughs. Done! I’ll buy!! He reaches out and I take his hand for balance. I’m finally able to get the suit past my blessed bottom and start to fit my arms in and zip up. I’m in! Just needed a hand for stability.  
This slippery situation made me think about how it really was a metaphor for life. Each of us struggles with something. In fact you, as the reader of this blog, are struggling with your own situation. You are pulling and tugging at your own unseen challenge. As you look around everyone is fighting a battle of their very own. Everyone. Even those who look as if they have it all together, struggle with their own slippery struggles.  
I reached out for help to get into that wetsuit. More than once. It might cost me a case of beer for each of those times I needed help, but I made a new friend and was blessed to do something I love in an incredible country. I have reached out before, in harder difficulties. Struggles that are real. I have been rescued by friends, family, and even students from those trials, battles, and relationships. It just took me….reaching out. 
This weeks challenge: Who can you reach out to? Who needs a helping hand that only YOU can offer? What is stopping you from giving aid? OR Whose hand do you need to grasp for assistance? When will you let go of your pride and be blessed by another? Who will you reach to, a person? Maybe your faith in God? If you are ready to finally get through your struggle….then simply….reach out. 
After all, I got to scuba dive in Australia because I reached out. 

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