Conversation Hearts

Conversation Hearts
How much would you love to just sit, talk, and spend time with someone you haven’t seen in years? What about someone you love? How about someone you just met? Are you on vacation right now and have yet to truly get to know the hearts of those around you?
I’ve heard it said that the “art of conversation is lost”, well I can tell you something wonderful, I found it. I found meaningful conversation in Australia. I found it in a drive to a country farm and craft show. I found it at a tavern in a tiny farm town. I found it in the warm home of a dear family. I find it weekly with friends at the local pub. There are no TVs to watch and distract at the taverns, dinner can be delicious as well as full of sweet conversation. There is no loud music in the pubs, only cold drinks and laughter. The lack of cell service between towns makes it possible to enjoy the friends you have right with you, you can actually show them how much you ‘like’ them. 
I’m finding television and Internet terribly uninteresting. Why watch fake when you can hear real life stories, struggles, loves, hopes, heartbreaks, and passions. I watch these epic tales unfold in the cinema of my mind. Each an episode of another’s life story. I eagerly look forward to the next. Talk is beyond weather and work. Conversation can be, and should be, encouraging and empowering. You should be able to leave feeling that a friendship has begun or been renewed. Both or all should feel heard and included. 
Tonight I miss my friend and colleague who was always willing to dig into deep conversation topics and still show respect for opposing views. I miss my morning conversations with other colleagues who encourage me and make me smile. I miss lunch times when it was two friends daily goal to make me giggle so hard milk came out my nose. I miss sitting on the bed with momma for hours. I miss fishin with daddy. I miss forty miles of walking of catching up. I miss those special coffee dates and special meetings with friends. 
Well look at that. Looks like the ‘art of conversation’ was never lost it was just lacking practice. Time to keep practicing. Exercise my skills. Do you need to practice as well?
As my friendships are beginning to grow here, I continue value all my dear friends, students, and family around the world. Wherever we find ourselves, in this small world, we are only a phone call away. Phones call both ways. 
Today what is distracting you from conversation with someone? Busyness? Why are you continuing to read this blog!!?
Still reading? Ok fine, Do you want a deep conversation? Really really deep? Ok then here is your challenge. Below is a list of questions that my students just began to ask one another at a winter retreat. I challenge you to sit with someone and really answer these questions. Have no time limits. Be ready to really listen and share. 
1. What are you thankful for? Why?

2. What is your greatest dream? Why?

3. What one words defines you? Why?

4. What is your greatest fear?

5. What is your greatest regret?

6. What is your favorite movie genre and why is it so powerful to you?

7. What was your greatest compliment, who was it from and why was it meaningful?

8. How does music effect you?

9. What is a time in your life that shifted your entire life path?

10. What is your most painful moment?

11. What do you wish people knew about you?

12. What is your greatest worry?

13. Who has had the greatest impact on your life?

14. What are your spiritual beliefs?

15. Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

16. What is the greatest gift you ever received, who from, and why was it meaningful?

17. What is the most precious moment of your life?

18. What do you still need to learn?

19. What is your untapped potential?

20. What is your relationship with death?

21. If people really knew you the would know that….

22. What does your outer mask cover?

23. What one question did you fear might be asked?

24. Did you lie or not tell all on any of the above questions? What is stopping you from being real?

25. Do you want to continue this friendship with this new conversation buddy?
Happy conversation everyone. I would love to hear how it goes. 

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