Australian Sunrise

Australian Sunrise 
The birds begin to stir on this early morning drive. A boisterous laugh from a kookaburra awakens a small flock of galah, and all take flight into the morning blue sky. The bus begins its travels south just as dawn breaks on the South Australian farmlands. The bumps of the country road keep my eyes open and I begin to take notice of a deep red and purple light forming in the east. Red and fuchsia like fresh liquid cherry juice in springtime. As the sun peaks over the horizon bursts of blood orange radiate. The morning light is bringing into view shapes in silhouette. Deep purple shadows of Blue Gum Trees dot the paddocks. Small windmills rusted with age show evidence of toil and freedom in this wide open land. More light begins to rise as the sun itself begins to open up, bringing with it orange and yellow flames. Colors so rich they electrify the sky. Flames of light licking the sky like a wild uncontrolled fire. The hot sun throwing off beams of deep orange across the dry earth. Square back tiny shadows of sheep grazing on dew filled grasses along with clusters of cattle walking to fresh water. To the west, lit by warm marmalade light, rows upon rows of deep green vines, drinking in the sun to sweeten purple black clusters of new vintage. The eastern sky now a kaleidoscope of colors dancing across the sky. Breathtaking. Life giving. A small hill rises and is speckled with the arched backs of kangaroo nibbling the green grasses. The farmlands end to the sudden dark forests of lumber pines. Dark forests. Geometric forests planted with calculated precision. Each row produces rays of sunlight peaking through, giving our bus a light show strobe effect of color and rhythm. The forest sinks away to small towns and civilization just as the sun finishes its triumphant entrance to the new day. The warm pink and tangerine glow promises a sweet day. The morning has come with an explosion of color and light that words can never express. It is morning in South Australia. 

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