In the arms of my Daddy

In the arms of my daddy
When I was a little girl my momma would dress me up each Easter in a pretty new dress, shiny patent leather shoes, a cute little hat, and of course white gloves. I loved it! I was picture perfect in the arms of my daddy at church. One of my favorite memories of church was when the pastor called all the kids up to the front for our own special lesson. I remember walking slowly up so I could twirl my new dress and find a friend to sit with. I remember the pastor giving a simple message to the kids that was easy to understand and always about the love of Jesus.
This Easter Sunday I was blessed to attend a Jesus loving congregation here in South Australia. Just like all those years ago the minister called all the little kiddos up for their own special lesson. Each week, it is the same as I remember, a short, easy to understand, message about the love of Jesus. 
I find that faith in Jesus really is so simple that even a child can understand. Probably why Jesus wanted us to have faith like children. I have a simple heart, simple mind, and simple faith. I love my Jesus and Savior wholeheartedly and have since I was a little girl. I don’t need complicated religion. I just need Jesus. 
There is simplicity in Jesus coming to die for ME. Can you believe the pure love involved with that?! God himself having such love for ME that he gave his Son to die! Amazing Love. Simple Love. Pure Love. The older I get the greater and more obviously I see my sin, so I begin to see just how much love Jesus really gives. No sin is too great. The love of Jesus covers every sin equally. 
Easter is a celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus. He died to pay for not just mine but ALL sin, then had the power to defeat death and concur all. A love so pure that sin and death were defeated! Wow. So amazing and still so simple. The love of Jesus is greater than….all. 
Jesus liked to speak in simple stories. Easy to understand and full of love. One Sunday I remember this simple story that put Easter into perspective for me. 
The was a little boy at school. One day he stole the lunch of an older boy because he was so hungry. The teacher said he would get spanked because of his wrong. Right before his punishment, the older boy came over, stepped between the little boy and the teacher and covered the little boy. The teacher said, “I need to punish him for stealing”. The older boy said, “I know, I’m hear to take the punishment for him”. The older boy had so much love for the younger one, he was spanked instead, he took the punishment willingly. 
A simple story for a simple faith. Jesus took the punishment for my stealing and all other sin because he loves me unconditionally. The only pure love in the universe. Religion may have other stuff involved, but faith in Jesus is simple and pure. All are welcome. All are loved. All are dressed in the very finest and carried in the living arms of the greatest love that IS. 
Today I pray that YOU see just how simple loving Jesus really is. 
Thank you for reading my thoughts and blog today. I am honored that you read it. But if you really want to read a much better blog, read by billions, read the Bible. Here are a few verses you should google search to get you started. 
Romans 8:37-39

John 3:16-17

Romans 6:23

1 John 1:9

Revelations 3:20

Romans 5:8

Romans 8:28
Yeah….all of Romans is my favorite. Full of the love of Jesus. Read this blog first. 
Wish you could talk to someone rather than read a blog? 

Message me


Call a local church


Talk to that friend you know loves Jesus 


Find an online chat room


… of all just tell Jesus HI! It’s called praying. I find it simple and easy. Just chat with Jesus. You will find pure love on the other side. 

One thought on “In the arms of my Daddy

  1. I had a really bad day today and this just made me feel so much better. Thank you for making me smile from the opposite side of the world… Miss you bunches!

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