Don’t Touch The Boat!

Don’t touch the boat!
I got off the flight in Tokyo, and that’s when it dawned on me…..I don’t know ANY Japanese. Oops, should have thought about that before now. 
My first challenge was to find my flight to Okinawa, only possible by a wonderful woman who must have seen the panic in my eyes. I thank God for her and her tender heart (and English) for getting me all the way through security. My next challenge was finding a place to ‘tinkle’. Those who know are already laughing, but I was taken aback by all the buttons in the perfect lil cubicle! There were buttons for music, deodorant, bidet, cleaning shower, and even volume levels. I couldn’t stop giggling. Seriously the most hilarious experience I have ever had in the bathroom. One never forgets the bum cleaning moments in life. 
The week was a tsunami wave of experiences. Each one coming like sushi on a conveyor belt! I can’t believe I was able to see so much in so little time. Lessons on life and science I can’t wait to bring back to my students. 
I experienced sushi on a conveyor belt (don’t touch someone else’s food boat!), tide pools full of bright blue fish, deep sea fishing off the coast of Okinawa, a musical road, a garden tour if private Japanese home gardens, climbing inside a giant Yanbaru, a traditional Japanese tea in a kimono (but I probably giggled too much), Okinawa battle sights and the Peace Park, and of course shopping in Daiso store. 
Finally, my trip was all bundled up as I was safely tucked under the protective arms of the beautiful Stars and Strips! Thank you US Marines!!! Thank you for giving me a lil bit of home away from home!!!
I still can’t believe I am in Japan. Okinawa was a spectacular island and an incredible life experience. My life has changed as I now see it like the Disney ride. It truly is a small world, after all. 
As I spent my last evening here, I was asked what my favorite part of the week was. I immediately knew my answer …. my favorite part of the past week was the amazing family I stayed with. To stay in their home was a blessing, and to make a lifelong friend with my name sister was very precious to me. This family will never know the impact they made on my life in such a short time. Each one of them is a very special person and I am honored I was part of their lives. 
Truly as I travel this world it is the people who make the biggest and best memories. It is the people of Bordertown I miss, it is the people in Colorado I miss , it is all my students in every country, and it is my family. People have the most to offer and who gives each experience the spice of life. Japan was great, but traveling those crazy roads with my dear friend and tour guide is what made Japan unforgettable. 
This week I have a challenge. Your challenge is to interact with another person this week and make a memory. It doesn’t have to be global travel, it can be as simple as a cup of coffee and grocery stop looking for some obscure item. Just make a memory. Interact. You never know how that one memory can become a glorious life story for you both. 
To all those who have impacted my life …. I miss you. 

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