Home of the Brave

Home of the Brave
The land of the free and home of the Brave! Glorious words that we remember with patriotic hearts. Words we forget in daily life. Words I ask you to reflect on this week. I want to talk of the brave. Those individuals who, through courage and bravery, give us the ‘Land of the Free’. 
I thank the military service members of the past, present, and future for their hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and bravery that keep me safe each day. To quote a movie “…I need to know that you are on that wall…”. Thank you for covering the country and world in your protective red, white, and blue strength. 
There is also another group of the bravest individuals I know. They sacrifice, give of their goals, dreams, and lives to this ‘Land of the Free’. They are the military families. Thank you for your eminence sacrifice. You are the picture of Brave. 
The young mother who is raising your precious lil one in a foreign land, away from family, thank you. The children who can’t answer “where are you from”, thank you. The teenagers who aren’t just finding themselves, but finding their place in the entire world, I’m proud of you!! To the parents who worry about their children stationed in hostile lands, thank you. To wife of many years, who dedicated her all, thank you. 
I can’t thank military families enough. Rank, branch, or base doesn’t matter. All are for the same cause. The cause of bravery that gives us our freedom. I see civilians shake the hands of those in uniform, with thanks, in every airport. I only wish they would turn and thank the teen for giving up Prom for freedom. Shake the hand of the wives who brave new countries alone for the one they love. Shake the hand of the father who lost his son. Military families are the forgotten Brave. Bravery doesn’t always wear camouflage. 
To those reading this I have a HUGE challenge. No matter your country, no matter your language, no matter where you are…..
1. Reflect on your military and the families today. American, Australian, or anything in between.  (I want to also honor Anzac Day)

2. Think of a family that you know that is bravely sacrificing for your freedoms. 

3. Send them a letter. Not an email. Not a text. Real mail. Real words. Sacrifice a bit of your time to thank a military family for THEIR sacrifice. They need to feel a letter. 

4. Bigger challenge….how can you get involved in helping that family? What can you do to give them strength and joy in their lives? What is keeping you from doing NOW!?
“The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” is not actually free; it is paid with blood, tears, heartbreak, and the bravery of entire families. Be thankful for your privilege and pay it forward to a military family today. 
Thank you families….I see all you give. I am forever grateful. 

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