Whack A Mole

Chucky Cheese pizza and a million other arcades in the 1980’s played host to the best game ever, ‘WHACK A MOLE’! I loved taking my mallet at slamming each popping mole back into its hole. I was a mole ninja. While other kids were playing ski ball for tickets, you could find me hovering over… Continue reading Whack A Mole

Rivers and Roads

I want to speak about roads. I am fascinated with roads. Paths to a journey of unknown adventures across foreign landscapes. Freedom. Routes covered with trees, vines, branches, and thick growth of ever changing seasonal colors. All leading to a connection that brings us together in this world. Peacefully meandering through BAM … Ka-thump Ka-thump!!… Continue reading Rivers and Roads

United Nations

United Nations  I had the privilege this past week of attending a meeting of the United Nations. We sat and discussed history, culture, travel, politics, small business, and even our mothers. Solved are the worlds problems over roast, potatoes, and a delicious apple crumble. We laughed and enjoyed one another’s company without judgement or fear.… Continue reading United Nations