Faith in a Cleansing Desert

Faith in a Cleansing Desert
My intention was a quick holiday to see the Uluru; a check on the bucket list of life. What I found was unexpected. What I left with were new learnings on my life path.
I found myself devoured by a power I am still trying to figure out as I write each word. They say there is a magic at Alice Springs, a power of the desert. That a cleansing comes from the hot red sand. A warning to you…there is a spiritual power found here. No matter your faith, you will be left exposed. 
I feel I only was given a sip, from the well of understanding, of this cultural and spiritual epicenter of an ancient land. A land created. The land is vast. Cut only by the occasional narrow road. Slashing through a land, red as dried blood and dotted with twisted Mulga tree. Here I was blessed. Blessed with new relationships and new life lessons. 

1. Let go of venomous snakes. 

When something, someone, or sometime seeks to destroy you, drop it. Slash it. Leave it behind. Our past is not our burden to carry or display. Let it go. Be thankful for those who show you the dangers. I don’t want to carry poison any longer. 
2. Seek relationship. 

I find I speak of this again and again. Each time I myself am beginning to see how important it is. A tapestry is woven art, history, and culture. Each fiber uniquely dyed and woven in a place where it is needed. Each of the relationships we make in life become those fibers that make up the tapestry of our lives. Each fiber providing strength and beauty. I added very important and beautiful strands. Unexpected gifts of strength from the desert. 
3. Be still. 

The quiet exposure of the land amplifies the sound of the lesson. Be still. Listen to the lessons around you. I have much to learn in this lesson. A need to listen and seek understanding first. Be full of wisdom and not words. 
I was told to find my own Tjukurpa. What I found was a desire to know more of this land. That my understanding is only that of a child to the vast lessons of the desert. I now find myself drawn back to the desert. Back to the cleansing sands. Needing to leave more of my past, my faults, my selfishness, and my expectations behind. Needing to seek God and continue in my faith journey. To open my heart to a more faithful and spiritual life. Needing to weave those precious fibers of relationships into my life. What I found was I need to share more love. 
I left the desert with such an odd feeling. Like I was leaving home. What I realized was I did not expect to learn any life lessons as a tourist. I did learn. I was given a picture of the beginning. The creation. My learning comes from what I now do with this understanding and apply it to my journey. 
Check out this terrific film:


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