United Nations

United Nations 
I had the privilege this past week of attending a meeting of the United Nations. We sat and discussed history, culture, travel, politics, small business, and even our mothers. Solved are the worlds problems over roast, potatoes, and a delicious apple crumble. We laughed and enjoyed one another’s company without judgement or fear. We questioned and agreed to disagree. All were in agreement that we wished we paid more attention in history and geography class. Finally, a toast to joy and adventures for all, from all. It was a meal I will never forget. 
To hold your own UN summit, simply open your home and heart. Invite neighbors, family, backpackers, and strangers into your home. The world opens up when humans gather to eat food made with love. I had no idea the impact a simple dinner would have on my global outlook until I passed hot cheddar biscuits between six different countries. My mind was in an internal and continual giggle at the reality of the moment, the “cool factor”, and language translations. I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face all night. 
We laughed and grew to understand that a country is not what the media portrays (or lack there of) but is found within the people. Each individual contributes to the colorful mosaic of our countries existence. We each have parts we are proud of, and others we bow our heads. All countries each share one thing….humanity. We are all one people of this Earth. Joined by the ability to dream, love, care, create, and have faith. We carry burdens of our history, socioeconomic status, and social conflicts. Our pride bursts forth as we tell of our sports, music, and food. We are but one. Human. 
So, find your own global family. Open your doors to the world around you. Pop that bubble and open your eyes to glorious world. Then….cook a meal with love for them. 

A toast to the joy and adventures of or planet….


Lechyd Da!

Pronounced: (phlem throat noise) EE DA

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