Half Full

I sit here, outside, in front of a warm crackling fire to update, inform, and bring a bit of news from this vast landscape. To those who are reading my weekly blog and life updates, today is halfway in this incredible experience. So far my experience is a glass half full! The exchange group says… Continue reading Half Full


I adore what I do. There is nothing better than seeing my students bright smiles. Watching them learn new things and strive for greatness and higher learning. Seeing the twinkle of hope and a bright future in their eyes. Getting to experience….. GGGGRRRDDDGGGGGGEEERRRR GGGGRRRRDDDGGGEERRRRRRRRRRR GGGGRRR GGRR GGGGGRRRRDDDGGEERRRRRRR (Loud obnoxious interruptive rolling noise) But there is… Continue reading Sharp


Restroom, lavatory, potty, water closet, outhouse, privy, latrine, earth closet, the facilities, washroom, powder room, lav, throne, bog, loo, honey bucket, tea room, dunny, crapper, pooper, thunderbox, cottage, netty, little girls room, and finally…. toilet; these are the many words, and more, we have to describe the delicate area in which we ladies me pause… Continue reading Tinkle


Gonzo from Sesame Street taught us the important lesson of ‘near and far’ years ago. I can still hear his gravely voice as he ran to show us far…….. and near. This weekend in my travels to the distant Australian town of Coober Pedy (2600km) I began to understand the meaning of ‘far’ far better… Continue reading Far