Physics of a Rainbow 

As I drove back to Bordertown Sunday there was a beautiful and complete rainbow over the town. It was so very special. Like a spectacular archway welcoming me home. I had trouble holding back tears as I truly felt the joy in that moment. 
Today I decided to give you a bit of a lesson on the physics of rainbows. Rainbows are formed by the sunlight going through raindrops and breaking the white visible light into the spectrum of colors. This effect is pure science and art as the colors dance across the sky. This means that rainbows are a type of color projection before us. Those colors then reflect back into our eyes and we see …. all the colors of the rainbow. 
What I find to be the most amazing part of rainbows is the fact that each is unique to the observer. To put it another way, let’s say you and I are standing together and see a rainbow. Wow we love rainbows!! Light coming from behind YOU goes through the rain, and like a prism, breaks the light up. The colors reflected back to your position and height on Earth come back at angles only YOU see. Those angles are personal. Those colors, shades, and depth of color are only seen by YOU. Standing next to you, at a different angle on Earth I will get a view of the rainbow that is completely different. Rainbows are personal. 
Pretty cool stuff, now think about what this fun fact means about rainbows. After the great flood, God promised to never flood the Earth again; rainbows are the symbol of this promise. What this means is that God didn’t just give the Earth this miracle, because of the physics involved, each rainbow promise is unique and individually promised. God doesn’t just leave blanket comments and promises. God meets us all individually. Promises, gifts, and love come to each of us individually. Given to us from The Light. 
Next time you see a spectacular show of color and light after the next rain, look up. Look for your promise. Look for the beautiful painting, painted just for you. Look for the archway that welcomes us home. 
Genesis 9:13

John 3:16

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