Half Full

I sit here, outside, in front of a warm crackling fire to update, inform, and bring a bit of news from this vast landscape. To those who are reading my weekly blog and life updates, today is halfway in this incredible experience. So far my experience is a glass half full!
The exchange group says we will have a series of peaks and valleys. Like a wild roller coaster ride, parts of this experience will make you squeal with delight and others just make you spew. Well I would like to inform all of you…. My joyous squeals are heard all the way to the northern hemisphere. Well, at least all the way to the footy oval. Apparently I’m pretty loud when I cheer for my netball team. Anyway, I’m having more fun on this exchange adventure than a bathtub full of monkeys drinking grape soda. 
I probably I don’t want to mislead you into thinking my experience is all sunshine and daisies. I still do work and have normal teacher frustrations. I get lonely when I come home and eat dinner alone. I desperately miss my family and friends. But the biggest reason that my experience so incredible is two part: the people and the peace. 
The people I am blessed to call friends all over this world are very dear to me. I am honoured that so many have opened their hearts, homes, and families to me in such a short time. I know that it will be very difficult to leave here. From the gang on pub night, to my staff, my netball team, my lovely friends from church, and everyone in between. I am in awe each day to the willingness of people to open their lives and community to me. 
The peace I feel here I Bordertown is indescribable. I my mother could tell you, I haven’t sat still in forty years. I’m still on he go, but I am surrounded with a peace and not a weariness that is ‘busy’. My hearts desire is that everyone can feel this peace and joy that I feel daily. Whether it is a small town or a different culture I am not sure. But I am full of monumental peace. I see a peace in my students that I wish I could bottle and quench the thirst of my Colorado students. This is something that needs to be a priority in my life and something I need to share.  
Like any roller coaster, the halfway point is the fastest and most steep. This experience will now gain momentum and the next thing you know I will be on a flight to the United States. So I embrace my time here. I’m sure I have loop-de-loops in store as well as the big splash at the end. I look forward to all those moments and those I will share them with. 
This ride already has changed my life. I have such a strong desire to live a life of peace and joy. Calm. 
I desire to open my life and home just as it has been done for me. Those who know me know I have had my share of battles. We all have our battles. We all have our obstacles in life. That is why we always need to love on each other. We don’t know the hidden battles behind the smiles. We all have the down swings of the roller coaster. It is in these valleys that we find the most personal growth. These low points are what sharpen is into who we are meant to be. 
Like a sculptor working his way to chip away at the rough spots to reveal the work of art. The people of Australia will never know how much healing they have given me already in this short time. They will never know how much they have been a part of this sculpture of my life. How meaningful they are as we weave our lives together in a global tapestry. 
My wild ride of adventure is just gaining momentum. I look forward to each stomach dropping, giggle inducing, and heart racing moment. Here we go!!

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