Magic Notes

What is your worth? What value do you see in yourself?  The more I learn on my life journey around this Earth the more I am fully understanding that value and worth are not found in money, possessions, or achievements but rather in the quality of relationships and person to person connections.  I have a… Continue reading Magic Notes


I feel so limited by this word. Love. I love a bacon cheeseburger and I love my parents. Giggle. Same silly word.  As I begin to reflect on my life lessons I realize that the most important lesson is to love. Love everyone. Family. Friends. Enemies. Everyone.  I have been so tempted to weight in… Continue reading Love


I do not have the foggiest idea how to shoot a bow and arrow. I would probably shoot my eye out, or a least kabob a few of my toes. I hope someone will read this and offer to teach me, because the metaphor of an launched arrow and my life match so beautifully.  You… Continue reading Arrow


I did not know what patriotism meant until I celebrated the 4thof July, Independence Day, away from the United States.   What a truly remarkable experience I had. My incredible staff at Bordertown High School threw me a surprise party for this special American holiday. How surreal of a moment to be surrounded by friends… Continue reading Home