I do not have the foggiest idea how to shoot a bow and arrow. I would probably shoot my eye out, or a least kabob a few of my toes. I hope someone will read this and offer to teach me, because the metaphor of an launched arrow and my life match so beautifully. 
You see, an arrow must be pulled back in order to be launched forward. The idea that the challenges and heartbreaks in our lives are the mechanisms that propel us forward in the direction our life is meant to go. 
All of the of moments of my life have lead me on this incredible journey. My life was not on the path I had anticipated. It was off track. I had been living a masked life. Hiding the true Jennie. Life needed to be aimed, not at a targeted goal, but where God has wanted me to joyously live fully. 
I had been carrying the following quote in my day planner for years, because I just liked it. Then one day I decided to not just read it….but hear it. 
William James- “To change one’s life, one must do three things:

1. Start immediately 

2. Do so flamboyantly

3. Have no expectations”
My life changed that day. That is when I decided to actually live. Live a life that God intended for me. I had another quote that I had above my classroom doorway for so many years by Mark Twain. – “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” 
I decided to make a life change. So what better way to change my life immediately,flamboyantly, and with no expectations. It was time to stop looking back at disappointment and let my arrow fly. Sail away! 
I decided to move to Australia for a year! What was I thinking!!?? I was thinking what a better way that to flamboyantly let my arrow fly. 
So far my journey has taught me a few things. I want to share those with you. 


What I learned on my journey so far:

1. Love People…All People. 

2. Surround your life with positive people. 

3. Know your own worth. 

4. Joy is a choice. 

5. Follow your arrow. 

6. Life is experiences. 

7. Listen to Wisdom. 
My journey began with a need to make a life change, and so far I have learned a lifetime of lessons. Each of the lessons above I will be sharing more about in future writings. Thank you for letting me share my life with you. 
So, like a boat tied at dock or an arrow in the quiver, do not find yourself getting stuck in a mediocre life. Let life, and its challenges pull your arrow back so you can launch forward and experience a changed life. Life full of experiences. Life full of joy and worth living.

One thought on “Arrow

  1. You are amazing! Amazing teacher, amazing writer, amazing friend. I miss you very much and love reading about your travels and your thoughts. The Mark Twain quote has always been one of my favorites since I read it above your doorway before every Senate meeting. You are such an inspiration to me!!

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