I feel so limited by this word. Love. I love a bacon cheeseburger and I love my parents. Giggle. Same silly word. 
As I begin to reflect on my life lessons I realize that the most important lesson is to love. Love everyone. Family. Friends. Enemies. Everyone. 
I have been so tempted to weight in with all the political, racial, and current events as so many are. Instead I have decided to speak on love. Simple. 
I can’t change the world, and the opinion of one middle aged woman hardly matters in international affairs. So, I will leave all those for others to discuss. 
My heart bursts forth with love for my family and friends. My beautiful family from Alaska to Colorado I miss you and love you. I love my students, each of you, past-present-future, you are loved. I smile when I think of my friends from all over the world. I wish I could express in words how much I love you. I even have love for those who have made challenges in my life, for you have taught me the importance of loving everyone. Always. 
God wants us to love. Even in the strife of political, global, and racial fears. We need to love. I can only have control and influence over myself. So in this time of world crazy. I choose to love. Show the love and life God has give me in each giggle that bursts forth. For I am full of inner joy beyond words. Beyond words of ‘love’. God loves us each so much there is enough for us all to be full of joy. We just need to accept it. Drink deep from the fountain of love!!
My cup runneth over. 
So today I tell you…..
I love you!!!

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