Magic Notes

What is your worth? What value do you see in yourself? 
The more I learn on my life journey around this Earth the more I am fully understanding that value and worth are not found in money, possessions, or achievements but rather in the quality of relationships and person to person connections. 
I have a bit of a confession to make. I wanted things and achievements. I wanted a home. I wanted stuff. I wanted to be ‘teacher and student council advisor of the year’. I wanted those things. Lots. I thought there was value and worth through possessions and achievements. I was wrong. 
What I was left with was unexpected. Each shopping trip made me wanting more. A house needs stuff that I didn’t have. Achievements left me with an empty feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I hope to have a home again someday, and I am beyond honored by my career achievements, but I was not fulfilled by them. When I finally reached my goals I was left with a strange feeling. Empty. Like a glass unable to hold water. I questioned myself, ‘now what?’
When a student sent me a photo of an award I received this summer in the US, I was honored, but was more excited by his text message conversation. I value the student relationships far more than the award I received. I hope I don’t sound ungrateful, for I am truly honored, but more value is found in the messages I get from the students themselves. Each word is a sweet song to me. Today I read a poem that a student wrote for me before I left. The words touched me. She compared me to the sun. I keep her words pinned to a board on my desk. Others are there as well. The note cards students gave with words of encouragement are my most treasured positions. Each week two of my dear friends send me a joint magic note. I delight in reading these precious messages. I am refreshed and strengthened by their words. My magic notes give me strength. The connections I have are where I feel worth. 
For those who don’t know what magic notes are, they are a camp tradition. You write small notes of love, friendship, encouragement, and motivation for those around you. These simple notes are then distributed at the end of camp. They are truly magical. They are uplifting and powerful in their value. They are worth more than achievements and possessions. The hold more worth than money. They are connections between two people who value relationship. 
Relationships are our most valuable possessions. With God, spouses, children, family, students, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and everyone in between, we are built and powered by others. I haven’t learned all my lessons yet. But this is one I am finding true everywhere. 
So what is my worth? What value do I see in myself? 
I see my greatest possessions in the relationships with my students, my connections with my friends, and my deep love for family. 
I am the richest person I know because of the worth given to me by those I dearly love.
Thank you…. I love you
Today I challenge you:

Write three little notes to people around you. Nothing huge. Just like postcards. Send three messages of encouragement and motivation to the three people that just popped into your head. Mail them. Stick them on their windshield. Give it to them personally when you meet for coffee. But go do this now. You will find your greatest worth in those around you. 
No really … Go do this now before you forget and get digital distracted. 

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