The beauty of the transition seasons, Spring and Autumn, stir the soul. An adventure through the countryside, this weekend, was a rainbow of bright colours. The green paddocks, of healthy crops, were an endless ocean of green and yellow. Green for ages. The yellow flowers of the Canola crops so brilliant it was as if… Continue reading Spring


Pants I have a relationship with my pants. I believed that every woman has a deep intimate relationship with her clothing. I’m not talking just about an ‘undie wedgies’ but a deep love hate relationship with her clothing. Especially her pants. We have a need to wear ‘favorite jeans’ or the ‘soft cozy top’, however,… Continue reading Pants


I’m not exactly sure what happened to my body. One day I was a sorority coed that had a perfectly trim body, big hair, and could eat Captain Crunch three times a day. Now, I need to color my hair just to pretend I’m still a blond and the only crunch I get is my… Continue reading Weenies