That one friend

The day started as usual, I woke and moved to pull the covers up over my head in denial of the day. My hand slipped and I punched myself in the face. Good morning!!
We all have that one friend. That special friend that seems to flock to the ‘hard way’. The friend who always is stuck between a rock and a hard place, while on fire, and sharks attack. It’s never ending drama and always provides a good giggle at their expense. Think of them. Love them. Give them a box of band aids. 
If you are having trouble thinking of someone, I have news for you. YOU are probably THAT friend. 
I wondered if I was that friend. Then I realized that in a two week time period I:
1. Flat tire

2. Stuck on an island due to storms

3. Fractured arm bone

4. Speeding ticket 

5. Lost credit card

6. Bitten by bed bugs

7. Jellyfish sting

8. Fell in shower

9. Tattoo fail (henna)

10. Hurt foot 

11. Got thrown out of a national park

12. Fell upstairs 

12. Sea sick

13. Ran out of air on a scuba dive

And worst of all….

14. Got a paper cut!
I’m am most defiantly THAT FRIEND to all my friends. I provided plenty of drama to give them all a daily head shake. My poor parents, can you imagine trying to raise me! Yikes!!
What goes with this special affinity for chaos is, we get to choose our attitude. We get to decide if it becomes a bummer or a blessing. We get to look through “Giggle Goggles” at the world around us and simply enjoy each bump, bruise, and glass of spilled wine. 
We choose Joy. Joy is abundant life deep within us. Like a well or a fountain. It quenches our thirst in times of frustration. You see, happiness is temporary. A movie is funny and makes me happy, but then it ends. True joy is a choice found deep within. That joy can make the crazy happenings of the day become reasons to smile. 
After my flat tire I realized that was a highlight of my trip. I connected with a friend. We were a team. We laughed. Brushed dirt off one another. Learned that we were both strong, smart, and sassy women who can tackle anything. That flat tire was a life blessing!
Why do I have inner joy? I have joy because of my faith in God. I believe that the strong my Christian faith is becoming the great joy I am experiencing. It does not make me exempt to life trials, but my joy within gives me strength and confidence to know that it is something I can deal with. Having a relationship with the Creator is the best part of my life. I’m truly blessed. 
So as you look at each trial in your life, put on your Giggle Goggles. See life with joy. 
I need to go now. I was writing this blog on my phone and dropped my phone on my face. I have a bloody nose now. 

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