I’m not exactly sure what happened to my body. One day I was a sorority coed that had a perfectly trim body, big hair, and could eat Captain Crunch three times a day. Now, I need to color my hair just to pretend I’m still a blond and the only crunch I get is my joints each morning telling me “Hello Jennie, welcome to the day!” I have reached what I would like to call the “weenies”. The time between the age of old and young. 
You see, I know I am not young. This weekend proved that. I played a full netball game with my young teammates that ran circles around me. What they didn’t know is my feet were taped up, like a present at the Scotch family Christmas, and I took enough ibuprofen to relax even a caffeinated chihuahua. Watching the video after was like watching a sad game of keep away. I was low and slow. I think my highest jump may have been a heel extension and my speed rivaled a heard o’ turtles on a cold day. 
Funny how our mind age doesn’t match our body. I swear I’m still 21. Fun, silly, and full of life and energy. I thought I was on fire on that court. Turns out the only burn was the friction of my thighs in spandex shorts. Good news!! My body later reminded me I am not….young. After getting up to tinkle 37 times that night, and perfecting the ‘sore body shuffle’ each time. I clearly remembered my age. I’m a ‘weenie’. 
So as I reach my 21st (X2) Birthday this weekend I realize I’m not actually 21; however, I am not old either. I do not get to retire, claim senior discounts, or even get a free bus fare. I’m not old enough to be complaining about my aches and pains, but I’m not young enough to go to a dance club. I am too old to wear short skirts, but to young to wear elastic waistlines and embroidered kitten tops. I’m to young to be a crazy cat lady and to old to be a cougar. I’m stuck in the ‘weenies’!!
So what are we ‘weenies’ to do? Do we stamp our feet and pout? Refusing to act our age! Do we try every fitness and vitamin our multilevel marketing friends can offer? Do we join the latest gym craze that is sweeping the world? Do we sign up for a muddy-mudder-jump over fire-dress in a tutu- slide down a razor blade slippery dip to a shark infested marathon? Do we travel to every country in Pintrest? Do we? Heck yes we do!!! Our body’s may only have a good 75% but by golly we are gonna give it! We will color our hair, jog in the dark morning, buy that sports car, and go clubbing in Vegas. Why? Because we can! We might need a physio and Pepto Bismol after, but we will do it. We will dress in short skirts with elastic waistbands. We will sign up for a 5k through the zoo. We will because we feel young when we do. We are WEENIES!
My fellow weenies across this great globe. I challenge you this week to act your mind age, not your body age. Have that bowl of fruity pebbles. Go swinging at the park. Dress how you wanna dress. Climb that mountain. Race that race. Feel your best. Be you. Go hard. BE A WEENIE!!! The best darn weenie you can be!!!
There is plenty of ibuprofen and ice for later. 

2 thoughts on “Weenies

  1. So beautiful! You are an inspiration to everyone who hears you, your attitude knows no bounds, and you’re so funny 😀 What a great blog! Happy birthday, Weenie!

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  2. A weenie!!!!!! WOW that makes me a Dinosaur😊 It’s all in the mind(and body ha)
    We celebrate our birthdays NEXT year unless you are in some Exotic place

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