The beauty of the transition seasons, Spring and Autumn, stir the soul. An adventure through the countryside, this weekend, was a rainbow of bright colours. The green paddocks, of healthy crops, were an endless ocean of green and yellow. Green for ages. The yellow flowers of the Canola crops so brilliant it was as if a child was coloring the world and ran out of green crayons, then finished with a brilliant yellow-green that was almost alien across the countryside. Colours as clean and pure as an artist’s new paint set. 
The blue of the ocean was a first a deep navy and gray, then changed in the sunlight to an aquamarine blue green. Water full of a depth of moving colours. The Southern Right Whales nurturing their young in the distance were only dark spots in the calm waters near the harbor. Playfully they jumped from the water sending a splash envied by every child who ever jumped in pool. The smell of salt and seaweed infused the air.
Cherry blossoms, in every shade of pink, dot homes and farms bringing the hum of bees with their sweet delicious scent. Brilliant Gazania flowers flaunt their petals of fire orange, lemon yellow, and crimson across empty fields. Delicate Soursops, as bright yellow as the sunshine, following paths of white limestone roads. Colours of life leading me through country roads canopied with blue gum trees.
The cries, squawks, chirps, whistles, and coos of dozens of species of birds call excitedly over their nests and abundance of food. Swoops of ‘dive bombing’ parents protecting their young bring, to me, giggles and squeals of delight. The multi colored Rosella parrots, pink and grey Galahs, black and white Magpies, and the pure white of the Sulfur Crested Cockatoos fly overhead in flocks of hundreds. I envy their freedom of the air.
I am amazed at the beauty of God’s creation. As I look across this vast and beautiful landscape I have the feeling that God himself is showing off all the splendor of his handy work, as if this is the gallery of the ages, and I am the judge at the angelic art show of heaven. Words, nor emotions, cannot feel or describe this beauty; it takes your breath away. I am thankful. I am blessed. I am in awe. 
Spring has come to the land down under. 

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