Muffin Run

Muffin Run: (Muff-en-Run) Noun. Important event. Verb. To run to a location of baked goods. To complete an exercise near pastries. To complete a daily exercise with the intent of eating delicious muffins.  Have you ever seen an elephant run? Comical. Yes, they might get up to 16 kph (10mph) which might be a wee… Continue reading Muffin Run


The brilliant light of the sun sparkling off the water. New plant shoots the colour of waxy lime green crayons. The honks of a black swans drifting in the water. Spring has come to the South Australian river land with a thunderous explosion of fragrant blossoms and tender buds.  On this particular weekend, seven courageous… Continue reading Alive

Small World

What an amazing thing this planet Earth. A globe so large yet a world so small. When I was a little girl my parents took me to the magical world of Disney Land. The famous “Small World” ride was my favourite. The song is still suck in my head…forever. There, little child dolls sang songs… Continue reading Small World