Small World

What an amazing thing this planet Earth. A globe so large yet a world so small. When I was a little girl my parents took me to the magical world of Disney Land. The famous “Small World” ride was my favourite. The song is still suck in my head…forever. There, little child dolls sang songs and languages of the magic of this world, and how were are all the same in this small little planet. It was magical. I can still feel the rocking of the little boat as it drifted through the song and laughter. 
This life experience exchange I am doing here in the Southern Hemisphere has shrunk this planet for me. It has made me realize just how close we all are. Every nation and culture. Our distances may be far, but we are still all connected by every flight and shipping route. We are still connected because we are all still human. We all hunger. We all thirst. We all desire. We all love. We all…live. 
Today I was teaching my students how to write formal letters. What an interesting experience teaching students what snail mail was. We all receive letters in the post, but most are from billing companies or advertisements. The beautiful art of personal mail is gone. I will be the first to admit it is so much easier to email or text type messages to friends and family. In fact I write this blog on my phone. The ease of texting is a glorious form of communication. Those who know me know I do love a good million text conversation. It makes me feel connected to all my ‘worlds’. 
However, what is truly powerful is the handwritten note that is tucked in a letter box ready to surprise you. Each and everyday I walk home from work and check my letterbox for any word from home. The days when I find a pink envelope from my mom and dad make my heart skip beat. The power of words on paper, given with love, is what holds so much meaning. I urge you to send a simple post card. Send it to someone you care about deeply. Send a simple message that will be more powerful than you can imagine. 
This week I visited a country that is so heavily populated that something as simple as the post is very difficult. I was in awe as I spoke to a man who had never received a letter by post. The concept was alien. That’s when I realized that no matter the size of our planet, or the connections we have, we are all experiencing this thing called life in our own unique ways. His experience was not good or bad, just different. That difference is what is so beautiful. Today I sat down to write him a letter. I will never know if he receives it, but I know it will carry power and meaning. It will connect us. Make this a smaller world. 
The world is small, but each of our lives are incredibly important. God cares about each and everyone of use individually. He does not see us as a globe but as individuals with which is loves each. What an incredible feeling to know God has so much to tend to, but the creator of the universe wants to hang out with me. Wow. He wants to hang out with you too. 
The world may be small, but we all have big hearts that need filling. Today send a post to a heart that needs filling. Make someone’s day by letting them have the joy of a surprise in their letter box. Spend time with God. Just hang out. He created this small world just for us. 

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