Please don’t repost this or let the owner of the blog know that I am writing on her site. 
G’day and welcome to my ‘Confessions of a Wombat’ blog. 
Let me introduce myself. My name is Bam Bam. I’m a hairy nosed wombat from South Australia. I have a pet human that I travel the world with. Her name is Jennie. Most of the time I watch the telly, sleep, and watch the footy show all day. A day of waiting for my human to come home from work, we both love the weekends. Today she left her phone home and I decided to sneak a few words out to the world. Mostly, I just wanna embarrass her. 
Now, don’t tell her, but every time she sticks me in her backpack for travels I poop. I can’t help it. I get car sick, air sick, sea sick, and walking sick. Like all wombats my poo comes out square. My human thinks she’s been finding Fantales chocolates in the bottom of her bag. I get the giggles ever time she eats one.  
Today I’m going to tell you about one of our latest adventures. 
Our story begins in the jungles of Bali. My human loves coffee. In fact, we both do. On this special occasion we were touring a coffee and spice plantation. One of their specialities is the infamous ‘civet cat coffee’ or ‘kopi luwak coffee’. I’m about to pee myself thinkin about it. The plantation owners feed the coffee beans to the weasel lookin creatures and then collect the poo. Yes poo!! They process and grind the poo beans into the coffee. Yes, poo!!! She loved it! Even bought some for her family for Christmas. Nothin says Merry Christmas like feces lattes.!!! A side of wombat Fantales and you are all set!! I am rollin with a side ache. Can’t stop laughing. Poo!! My poor human. She is keen on adventure and so am I. But I think I will pass on this Starbucks creation and settle for tea and scones. 
See you next time on the Confessions of a Wombat. 
Remember today’s lesson: Don’t accept a chocolates from Jennie. 

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