International Arrivals

I sit today at the arrivals gate at the Brisbane airport. My heart full of emotion and my eyes full of tears. Today I wait for my bestie. My sister. My friend. The woman that God blessed me with as life long soul mate. Our friendship began many years ago at university. Today we are more than friends we are connected with a band of life that will hold us together for a lifetime. 

The best part of our friendship is that we just pick up exactly where we left off. Not a missed beat. A friendship that spans the globe, time zones, and decades. My parents even think of her as my sister. Tears are leaking out of my eyes right now as I think of how much I need her in my life … forever. Everyone needs friends that become family in their lives. 
This time of my life has blessed me with travel around the world and I can say without hesitation that the best part of the world is the relationships we form in it. People. Connections. What is more important than money, positions, or even wifi? It is the connections with make with other humans. 
Media spreads news of disaster, shootings, clowns, and political turmoil; but he human spirit is alive in every country with the smile of a child and the embrace of long lost friends. We are blessed to be living in a time where we can make human connections globally.  
My connections to Austria, Wales, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Israel, Britain, Germany, and of course Australia now run deep. Thank you to all my friends become family around the world. You have etched your name on my heart.  
I now desire to have that tight embrace at the international arrivals gate with those who have changed my life. 

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