Organic Cotton 

I was recently in a shop and had the opportunity to witness the most amazing professionalism and care from the shop worker. I think we both had a good giggle for the day as well. 
While waiting for an order, I observed this wonderful woman help an older woman with her purchases. The cutest Granny in the world had noticed a sale basket in the store and was rummaging through. To her delight there as a deal on ladies panties. As all women know, a good deal on panties is too hard to pass up! She proceeded to grab them all and go up to the clerk to make her purchase. 
The clerk immediately blushed and looked worriedly around the store. 

“Is this what you would like to purchase ma’am?” Asked the clerk. 
“Yes please” the petite grandmother said. 
“Ma’am, are you aware of what these are?” Asked the blushing clerk.  
“Yes, they are panties. Would you check for me that they are my size, please?” She replied. 
Blushing beet red, the clerk cleared her throat. Then began to explain just exactly what treasures were from the sale bin. “Ma’am, these are panties, yes. Are you aware of the kind of panties these are? They are called ‘G-Strings’.” 

The clerk asks while growing hot with embarrassment. 
“Yes. The box says organic cotton and they are on sale.” She replies.  
“Yes ma’am, this is true. Are you aware of how to wear these? Let me open the box and show you. You see, this is the front of the panties, and this….this is the (clears throat) the back”. 
Curiously the elderly woman takes a closer look at the G-String panties. Inspecting them with deep concentration and wonder. 
“You see ma’am, this back part…well… it goes up, um, it goes up your bum!” I thought the clerk was going to faint in a fit of giggles and embarrassment. 
The older woman continued to inspect the tiny panties. 

“They are organic cotton?” She again asks. 
“Um, yes ma’am.” She replies with a soft giggle escaping her lips. 
“Are they my size?” The grandma again asks. 
“Ma’am, they are quite small. That is why they were in the sale bin. We were having trouble selling them.” She replies with giggle tears beginning to form in her eyes. 
“Nothing beats organic cotton, I’ll take them”. Proclaimed the Granny. 
“Yes ma’am”. With that the clerk began to wrap up the purchase for the beautiful petite elderly woman. The clerk was about to burst. 
Grandma left with her organic cotton G-String panties and a smile on her face. As she left the clerk and I made eye contact. We both broke into a fit of giggles. Laughing over the entire moment. 
We shared the unspoken thoughts of 1. Hoping we still feel sexy enough at 90 to wear a thong and 2. ….Grandpa is in for an organic cotton surprise tonight!

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