Polar Bears

I quickly spun around to find myself face to face with not one, but many bright eyed polar bears. I was surrounded. My heart pounded in my chest with the beat of a thousand drums. The initial instinct was to flee, but they are tenacious and would run me down. Instead my jaw dropped in… Continue reading Polar Bears

Saving Sara

**Warning Graphic Content** The eight delicate legs walked softly across my face. I didn’t notice her delicate curious dance as I slumbered. Each leg, as long as a pencil, radiating from her massive bulbous body was unseen to me as she began to taste the warm sleepy sweat of my brow. She was finding a… Continue reading Saving Sara

Happy Feet

My feet hurt. Not winey/ windgy/ complain/ I’m going to protest hurt; but actual OUCH! This past six weeks I have been going a million miles per hour in hopes of squeezing out all I can from this beautiful country. Walking a million miles begins to take a toll on the tootsies! I use the… Continue reading Happy Feet

Spray Cheese

A dear friend recently sent me a care package and I was delighted to see it was filled with one of my childhood favourite treats. SPRAY CHEEESE! This highly unhealthy food product is both a novelty and a delicious snack, but I think it has my Aussie friends a bit underwhelmed. Those who don’t know… Continue reading Spray Cheese