Spray Cheese

A dear friend recently sent me a care package and I was delighted to see it was filled with one of my childhood favourite treats. SPRAY CHEEESE! This highly unhealthy food product is both a novelty and a delicious snack, but I think it has my Aussie friends a bit underwhelmed. Those who don’t know what spray cheese is, it is a ‘cheese based’, unrefrigerated product that is squirted out of a can on to your cracker. Yes, squirtable cheese! Both convenient and delicious!To those who have not acquired a fine palate for this delicious delicacy, it may seem a bit ‘factory’ in flavour. But you will quickly acquire a taste for plastic and fake cheese flavour. Those who are wanting to expand their palate, know that it comes in four delicious flavours including cheddar bacon! Oh baby, love squirtable bacon flavour!
The last thing you want to do is turn over the can and read the nutrition label. This product may claim to have a full 25% of your daily calcium intake, but it may also come with 25% of your yearly salt and aluminium intake as well. It is like squirting chemistry class onto your biscuit. 
This food is both sustenance and a toy! I love to make smiley faces and flower shapes with each spray. Tiny artistic cheese sculptures to be consumed with glee. This adventurous, and possibly carcinogenic, food-like product promises to never go bad, give you a bad case of constipation, and retain it’s delicious cheesy flavour for years to come! Pick up some today!

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