Polar Bears

I quickly spun around to find myself face to face with not one, but many bright eyed polar bears. I was surrounded. My heart pounded in my chest with the beat of a thousand drums. The initial instinct was to flee, but they are tenacious and would run me down. Instead my jaw dropped in a kind of gasp and laugh. I was not afraid, but in awe. They crept in closer. I knew my time was limited. So, with tears beginning to well up in my eyes, I opened up my arms and hugged them.
Okay, so these were not the Ursus maritimus bears of the great North, but a tribe of initiates who had played a silly dice game called ‘Polar Bears around the Ice Hole’. They were dressed to the max in white protective zip up suits, fluffy headband ears, and a set of giant paper dice around their necks. They were more than just a group of friends who had dressed themselves in the greatest costumes of the year; they were my dearest friends who had a special way of saying a gorgeous goodbye. I cried with joy at the love they were pouring out in humour. I was, and will forever be, touched by this gesturer. 
Human. Having relationships with other humans is the most important part of our existence. What, really, is the point of life if we are not spending it with those that make us laugh, cry, and pee our pants. We come into each other’s life and leave an impression. Good or bad. We all have our mark. Australia is a great place, but it is her people that make her great. It is the polar bears and many others who have left a mark on my soul. I will never say goodbye to these dear friends, for their friendship is beyond miles. It is a commitment to living life together. 
I look back on the blogs over the past year and notice the trend of ‘importance in relationship’. I think this is my final takeaway lesson of learning throughout this year. It is the thought that I have learned the importance of people in this dance of life. I wanted to write something funny for this blog, but I seem to have come to the realization that the joy of these friends in my life have not just ‘entertained’ me, but have actually improved my existence on this planet. I am better for having known and spent time with each of them. In three weeks my heart will rip as I drive away. The only comforting part will be that when I quickly turn around to see them, I will see a group of bright eyed polar bears who have devoured my heart and changed it for the better, and I know, I will return. 

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