Ever seen a horse being moved onto a trailer? Her eyes open wide with fear and even a little excitement. Then, without warning she will give a little buck before settling down. Enough of a buck to make those around her alert, but not enough for fear. It’s as if she wants to say “ohhh,… Continue reading Bucks

Gate 16

I am sitting in the warm sun surround by lake waves lapping at my feet. In the distance I hear Christmas music; ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’. Snow capped mountains circled with purple wildflowers surround this oasis. I am in the twilight zone of emotions, culture, climate, and holiday madness.  Middle Earth… Continue reading Gate 16


I am not a pretty crier. Some people can cry and look movie perfect with delicate tears rolling down smooth cheeks. I do not look like this. What I mean is, when the tears start to flow, and emotions get the best of me, my face goes all blotchy and swollen. I look like a… Continue reading Snot