Australian Sunset

White sand is oozing between my toes and the cool breeze coming off the ocean, each tickling my skin with a delicate and memorable sensation. The sun began setting on the South Australian coastline and my eyes were welling up with tears as I realize that my sunsets were limited. The final grains falling were through the hourglass. Blasts of colour a rainbow across the sky; sunburned oranges, dusty yellows, and reds the colour of bricks were painted across the sky in large patches of artistic brilliance. Each colour again reflected in the calm sea. I feel the sunset around me like warm arms. I hear the sunset like kind words being whispered. It is full of depth, passion, and intensity. Like a great book, it takes my breath away with the turning of the last page. I am left breathless and helpless as the colours are blurred behind my tear filled eyes. I close my eyes to squeeze out the blur and etch this memory into my brain forever. I never want to forget my final sunset, by the sea, of this sun scorched land. I inhale the salty sea and eucalyptus air into my lungs. Putting all other thoughts aside, I want to be present in this moment. I selfishly hold tight to the moment as if time should wait for me. Each moment is a countdown of well lived moments, and I intend on painting their inspiration on my life forever.
I wonder why I do not live every moment and remember every moment as if it is my final, because it is these memories that are the measure of life quality. Possessions, money, and even the security we find in jobs is not the scale we can measure of a life well lived, for these are the first to rot around us. Reflection upon this moment reveals the desire for sunsets to cars and friendships to mortgages. My wonder lust has led me down a path of realization that life is meant to be lived loudly and full of colour. Life is for living now…. not waiting for it to occur. Sunsets are happening always and it is our choice to stop and breathe them into our very soul, or not.

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