Ever seen a horse being moved onto a trailer? Her eyes open wide with fear and even a little excitement. Then, without warning she will give a little buck before settling down. Enough of a buck to make those around her alert, but not enough for fear. It’s as if she wants to say “ohhh, I don’t know what’s about to happen. Oh my. Here we go!!” That buck is her way of changing direction or position and letting those around her know…I’m scared but excited. 
I know nothing of horses. I honestly don’t even know if this is true. I’ve just seen it in the movies. I do know my ute does the same thing when we start a journey. Everyone who has ever ridden in her knows; and I’m sure my dear friend that bought her has figured it out as well. Anyway!!  
So why draw this equine life analogy? Because I am in mid buck. My goodbyes to Australia and hellos to the USA meet here in the middle of New Zealand. My eyes wide open with fear, excitement, and reluctance as the next chapter of my life begins. I look across this mountainous landscape with the cold wind whipping around me and think how blessed am I!!! God has given me such a blessing of a year. I have met incredible people and now call them friends and family. I will soon be reunited with family and friends in the USA who have been watching my journey from afar. I am so thankful for all the blessings of this past year and ever person who made it happen. Each moment has revealed more of who I have always wanted to become. Each person had a different role and impact on my story. 
Why do we buck? That hesitation; brief back step before moving forward. Our fight or flight mode of warning. Taking a step out our front door each morning is a risk. We risk making new friends or losing old. We risk our lives and health. We risk our future and dreams. The buck is our reminder that our life journey is unpredictable and full of challenges. This is what makes it an ‘adventure’. 
So I ask you….have you bucked lately? Are you starting a new chapter? Should you be? 
My friends, join me on this life adventure of 2017, where no one knows the destination. Call on God to join you. It’s time to take a few risks this year. I pray that our life chapters will be full of giggles and joyful smiles!!

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