Gate 16

I am sitting in the warm sun surround by lake waves lapping at my feet. In the distance I hear Christmas music; ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’. Snow capped mountains circled with purple wildflowers surround this oasis. I am in the twilight zone of emotions, culture, climate, and holiday madness. 
Middle Earth has been a source of strength for me. Those who know me, know that my love is the films has never been about the star struck movie world, but of the escape and peace this fantasy world has given me. I have now been to New Zealand twice. Each visit bookends on a life adventure to Australia. These bookends provided me a place of transition. Each time a place to dry my tears. A place that is pure fantasy and delight that’s whisks me off into a dreamland. Tolkien would never know that this place he created, and PeterJackson reviled would have such a profound impact on people’s lives. 
Both trips I needed his time to drive, camp, have very little cell service, and be alone. This time alone has burst me into tears and busted my gut in giggles. Thoughts of an unknown future cause me to shake. Thoughts of leaving friends (in all countries) brings me to tears. Thoughts of accidentally peeing on my own foot in a windstorm bring me to a fit a giggles. I am thankful for the beauty and release this Kiwi Middle Earth has given. 
Now it hasn’t been all Frodo and pineapple drops. I’m not saying I ran out of gas on the side of a cliff on my way to Milford Sound….I’m just saying I do find ways to make life interesting. No, my legs have not healed from year 8 camp mosquito extravaganza l, but those old bites nicely compliment my 100 new ones. Just a tip, don’t dump your coffee out the window while driving, you end up wearing it. Do take the hard road, it will lead you to an unexpected forest. Do make friends with the tour guide, you might get to see the albatross closer than the other tourists. Tim Tam slammers are not good with red wine. Rain is cleansing. The best parts of life and not in the things you see or the places you go….but in the people you meet and love.  
So as I say goodbye to Gandalf and sail away from these harbors, I know that wherever I end up, is exactly where I am meant to be. 
Thank you for joining me on this spectacular journey. 
Go have an incredible life, make good choices, and know you are deeply loved. 

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