I stood on the edge of the New Zealand bridge. Tiny pebbles and sticks falling between the rotten wood planks. Each pebble making a small whisper as it fell hundreds of meters down to the cold aqua colored waters below. I was wearing a t-shirt so I could feel the light cool breeze and see the goosebumps on my arms. The bungee cord and harness tight around my waist and ankles. I was shaking. It was as if the whole world stopped and a deafening silence came about me. An excitement that thrilled me to my bone marrow. I was ready to jump. I had made this decision months ago. I was going to jump. Knowing this was an adventure worth the leap. I was given the green light. Time to jump… 3….2….1…. Jump
Ok, so I didn’t actually jump. Are you crazy!! I have never in my life wanted to bungee jump and I am not about to start now. Why would I ever want to put my body and mind through intense fear only to have it end in a jolted spine, urine stained khakis, and freezing wet clothing; not to mention months of chiropractic recovery care. I may be an adventurer, but I also know how to say H-E double hockey sticks NO!
We all have leaps we are willing and not willing to take. Most of us think about adventures and life decisions long before we make leaps. What may seem spontaneous to some may be reckless to others.
I took a leap this week that was exciting and thrilling to me deepest marrow. I jumped off a metaphorical bridge in order to feel the wind beneath my wings. Flying with the wind. I made this decision months ago and it was time for the green light. Go!
I decided to resign from my home post as a teacher in Colorado Springs. My decision was made months ago with much heartfelt thought, council, and pondering. I fully intend on finishing my school year in the school that has been my niche for so many years. Then…it is time to let the wind take me. Like Mary Poppins, I know my job is done in this incredible school and it is time to let the wind carry me to my next family. 
Yikes! My excitement and anticipation is overflowing within me. I do not have the foggiest idea where God has planned for me!! Giggle. I am applying in a million different places and teaching positions; Colorado and International. The world better get ready because Jennie is coming and I am ready to take flight on the next chapter of my life. Like Wile E. Coyote, I am strapped to a rocket and ready to be launched!! I only hope I don’t fall off a cliff and explode. 
So, I may not have the guts or desire to jump off a bridge, but I do have the courage to take a step forward and completely let God place me exactly where I’m meant to be. I do not fear. I will walk forward and let God, who blesses my life every day, continue to show me a life worth living. 
Are you ready to take a leap and give God your future?
Let’s jump!!
Deuteronomy 31:6 

John 14:27

Jeremiah 29:11 

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