Use The Good Soap

I have these beautiful bars of soap I purchased from my travels. They are full of floral fragrance from island tropics to lavender fields. I never use them. I keep saving them for some special occasion in the future. I’m not sure what that is, but yet I save. They sit in drawers unused and forgotten. Their perfect scent diminishing. Their true purpose lost. They just sit. 
How often do we find ourselves waiting to enjoy the little wonders of life? We wait for, or put off living until we have enough time, money, or the perfect situation to live. If you knew your time was limited on this Earth, would you change your behaviors? I’m not saving to start spending all or money on the best stuff. What I am saying is, are you living each day or merely existing in that time?
What if you started using the good soap? What if you woke each morning and did all those things you have been “saving”? We all have a to do list we want to accomplish. Not the bucket list of skydiving-shark-cages-of-death, but of actual life. Things like: Putting down social media and joining a local special interest social group; giving up pointless gossip sessions, with people you don’t like, and spending the weekend with your family; going for a hike outdoors instead of the gym; writing a letter instead of a text; taking a nap! We tend to wait until we are on vacation to put effort into our family and friends…. our life.
 I want to start putting more LIFE into my life. Open my eyes to what the moment is around me. Each second passes as history and we were there to impact and be impacted by it. Each day we have on this beautiful God given Earth is so precious. Each day we have to share with those we love is precious. God gave YOU the gift of today. Enjoy its blessings and BE in each moment. Don’t let your fragrant purpose of life be lost. 
Today, use the good soap. 

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