August Rain

The sky’s are dark this afternoon with heavy clouds full of cool tropical rain. It’s pouring more than just cats and dogs, but every farm animal on farm McDonald. Today I decided to wear heals. Yep. I had to walk home in heals, in rain. You would think I would have figured out the very… Continue reading August Rain


For my birthday I decided to throw a Aussie Dinner party for my landlord family and my work colleagues. A friend agreed to take me to the farmers market to get all the food I needed for the party. I was thrilled to have a new life experience as well as practice the bit of… Continue reading Pato

Pequeño Mundo 

Shelving higher than any member store; isles kilometers long; prices better than a dollar store on blue light special steroids; all the items you could ever ask for under one roof! It was like stepping into shopping heaven, only the angels were stocking shelves and my cart was too wide to pass by.  As you… Continue reading Pequeño Mundo