Pequeño Mundo 

Shelving higher than any member store; isles kilometers long; prices better than a dollar store on blue light special steroids; all the items you could ever ask for under one roof! It was like stepping into shopping heaven, only the angels were stocking shelves and my cart was too wide to pass by. 
As you know, moving comes with a few challenges and experiences. Luckily, I am within walking distance of my new favorite store, ‘Pequeño Mundo’. The first time I walked to this store I was so overwhelmed, I admit, I left. One can only have so many shelves of bras, laundry soap, and sugar cookies. So it took me a day to realize this heavenly store was going to bring me all my new housewares. So I locked up my apartment and walked to this terrific store. 
As I proceeded, like any Walmart raised American, to fill my cart with pillow cases, bleach, salad tongs, and waxed paper; my cart was filling fast. I was drawing more than a few glances and whispers. I felt like some old reality show celebrity. 
Lucky for me, I am only on my beginner Duolingo lessons, so I have no idea what they were laughing at. I got everything I needed and headed to the check out. 
The poor cashier was wide eyed and called over a manager to shut down his station and ask for backup. It was both embarrassing and hilarious. But I need this ‘stuff’ and had no desire to do this in two or seven trips. I was ready for the comedy that began at register nueve. Realizing there was no counter space/ conveyor belt to put my items on, I had to hand him one item at a time. The run to the other side to put it into a second basket I collected. I was running back and forth like some crazed game show contestant! The price was right! With a huge smile on his face, I could tell I would be the conversation of evening with his family. “Honey, the crazy blonde American bought the entire store today!” We finally manage to scan and bag everything and Tetris its way into now two carts. I was in near tears and had a bad case of the giggles. My backpack on the ground, recycle shopping bags flying everywhere, and I was a sweaty mess! May I remind the audience, I still do not know Spanish, so the entire experience was communicated through an elaborate game of charades and Google Translate. 
On the way out, just like the Walmart greeters, they checked my receipts. But there they then go further to record all large purchases by getting addresses and phone numbers. It was hilarious. The whole process took another ten minutes with a growing line behind me. 
To make matters all the better I needed to get a cab to take me home. Yes. A cab. Luckily the ‘greeter’ got me a driver right there. He shuffled me out of the store and proceeded to load me and my oodles of goodies into his car. He was already loading things when I realized he was not a taxi. Rule #1 of living in Costa Rica: never take a fake taxi, only ride in red registered ones. So, I broke the rule and loaded up. Showed him where to drop me off. The entire 1.3km drive all I could think of was my dad would flip if he knew I got in the car with a stranger. The nice man then asked me if I wanted a piece of candy. No joke! So, like all good trusting people, I broke Rule Number 2: Never take candy from strangers. It was actually a delicious caramel. Yum. 
He was kind, and helped me unload. I paid him and he was gone. No harm, only friendly service. I began to lug my treasures up to my apartment when I realized one tiny important detail. 
I left my keys at Pequeño Mundo. 
Mis clases de español van bien. Creo que soy bastante fluido ahora. Fluido en Google Translate, tal vez. De todos modos, mis palabras esta semana son: preguntas, nosotrous, y la papa. Buenas noches amigos

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