Then the street came Alive

The rain has been so very intense each afternoon and evening. Pouring buckets of warm tropical showers to grow this garden oasis. Today, on my walk to the school bus, I noticed that even the sidewalks were beginning to erupt in tiny life communities. I even bent to take a picture of this little … WOOOSHHHH BAMMM! Turns out sidewalk miss is pretty slippery. Looks like I will need to get the moss stains off the bum of my new white pants. 
To know me is to know that I not only take the road less traveled, but I tend to do so on a tricycle with flat tires during a blizzard without shoes. Most just call me clumsy. 
This past few days, as I have begun teaching, have not failed me in delivering me my usual dose of cosmic giggles. 
After falling in street moss I hurried to catch my school bus. I was early so I wouldn’t miss it. Right on time, the bus drove right on by my stop. Yep. Right by. They must not have known I needed picked up. Maybe tomorrow. Next day… passed and waved. Following day… big smile with the wave as they passed. Oh my. So Uber has become my new favorite thing. 
Uber drivers are the greatest humans on Earth. I have an extremely high rating as a passenger because I know they are my home to get to work on time. I have now memorized a few sentences to tell them when I enter the car. Something to let them know of my languages deficiencies. They laugh and we have a terrific game of Spanglish and charades. My language skills are coming along nicely. I was even able to get my food from the school cafeteria. My colleagues however started laughing and told me later I asked the rice ‘if it was having a nice day’ and the chef if she ‘was a vegetable’. I should be fluent in no time. 
The rain has also brought some new visitors in my tropical paradise. Roaches, flying ant things, termites, and roof leaks. After getting my unit fumigated, it looked like the apocalypse in my home. Death and destruction of insects everywhere! Some of the giant Blattas had even tried going for a swim the the drip buckets I had all over my floor and couch to catch the rain leaks. Today a friend actually refused to visit me out of fear of things with legs. 
After finally coming home after a long day of work, I was ready for dinner and bed. I started cooking a delicious traditional meal of beans and rice with fresh mango. Part way through I noticed my food stopped cooking. I had run out of gas for the stove. I had left the oven on overnight with realizing it. No gas. Well…. looks like a microwave dinner for me! 
My life is incredible. I have so many terrific stories to tell. Each skinned knee and stepped on cockroach is just part of my journey. I am so blessed to have the most amazing family as my landlords. They had the apartment fumigated, roof fixed, ordered me a new gas tank, and grandma even taught me to cook traditional beans. They are absolutely incredible. Today the bus picked me up and I got a warm smile from the lady keeping the front gate. I am blessed to be living in this wonderful home. It may have had an apocalyptic moment, but it is now a perfect bungalow of tranquility in my new home. 
I many have a few bumps in my path of life, but each one makes it worth living. God is so good. I have not gone without and each challenge has been met with meeting new people and growing as a person.  I am so thankful to God, each day, for this incredible blessing!
I am stronger for each bit of slippery moss on my sidewalk of life. 
¡Hola! Muchas gracias por conducirme hoy. ¿Cómo estás? ¡bueno! Soy bueno también. Hablo muy poco español. Gracias por entender. Como puedes ver por mi increíble pronuncia, debes hablar con fluidez mañana. Gracias de nuevo por el viaje. ¡que tengas un gran día!

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