For my birthday I decided to throw a Aussie Dinner party for my landlord family and my work colleagues. A friend agreed to take me to the farmers market to get all the food I needed for the party. I was thrilled to have a new life experience as well as practice the bit of Spanish I’ve learned. 
It was incredible! The sights. The sounds. The delicious smells. The people. The many grocery carts running over my toes. Note: never wear flip flops to Saturday morning market with 2000 people …. and their carts. 
I was so proud of myself. I needed potatoes for my schnitzel and chips I was making for dinner, and had just learned the Spanish word for potato the night before. With confidence I walked up to a busy booth and proudly announced “Pato, por favor”, as I pointed at the potatoes. The man gave me a funny look. I figured he must not have heard me, so I loudly proclaimed “PATO, POR FAVOR” loud enough that the next couple of busy booths to looked over. Now, I had a bunch of people looking my way. Clearly, they were all proud of the blond “gringa” for her Spanish skills. He gave a funny look to my friend and she said something to him in Spanish. He laughed and gave me a basket to pick out my potatoes. “Pato, pato, pato, pato, pato…..pato” I said to myself as I placed each beautiful potato into my basket. I was trying to commit words to memory. I paid for my spuds and caught up with my friend. I was so proud of myself. I felt I was really getting to learn this language and find my place in this beautiful country. 
That’s when my friend told me “Papa means potato. Pato means duck. You just asked that man for duck. A whole basket of ducks. You just kept saying duck, duck, duck… as you picked out each potato. I had to walk away. It was too funny.”
Oh. Oops. Pato. Papa. 
Today I was reading Philippians 4:4-8. I felt like God was telling me ‘delight, rejoice, and be with me’. God created such an incredible universe with amazing people and all the delights and challenges within. God even created language. While I know I gave God a good giggle for my “Pato” mistake, I also know he gave me the friend I was with and the unforgettable experiences I am having each day. I am so overwhelmingly thankful for the blessings God has given. Even through daily bobbles I get to learn. 
So in your daily comings and goings, be thankful. God is right their with you in the journey. Don’t forget to laugh together. 

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